What to Look For in a SEO Firm

There are many different elements of search engine optimization.  If you ask several companies you will; or at least should get the same answer.  What differs between the companies is how transparent a company is to its clients.  What we mean by that is; does your seo firm tell you exactly what they are doing from week to week or are you not privy to that information.  As a paying client you owe it to yourself to ask questions to your seo firm.  What software do they use in their keyword and link building research?  What specific steps do they take to communicate a link exchange request and how is it follow up on.  Be sure they can give you references.  Be very specific about the type of reporting they provide.  Ask for a sample template and determine if it meets your needs or if any information lacking and can they provide that.  Do you guarantee results?  We have that question come up so much but the easy answer is no.


If a company tells you they can get you on the first page in a search engine they are talking about pay-per-click advertising and yes anybody willing to be the highest bidder can be number one.  Organic search results are achieved by a set program that has many elements such as page optimization, fresh content, properly researched back link partners, video optimization and more.  There are no shortcuts.  Make sure the seo firm takes the time to understand your business and your customers.  How they shop and what their needs are will be critical in establishing the search criteria they use when seeking out your product or service on the internet.  Your seo firm should also be able to assist you with other elements of increasing visitor traffic and your overall e-commerce initiative.  Their value is helping not only seo but also exposing you to other facets such as affiliate marketing, social media, should you have a mobile website etc.

Be prepared to spend money for the first few months normally 90 days without seeing too much increase from organic traffic but as all the elements are put in place and your seo firm properly adhering to the guidelines established by the search engines well results will follow.  You are not hiring a seo firm to get you up and running and then let them go.  This is a long-term relationship that is based one constantly adapting to the requirements of the search engines.  If your seo firm is doing the job hired for and they are let go you should see your keyword rankings gradually drop as well as visitor traffic within the first three to 4 weeks.

  1. Keywords Analysis & Research
  2. Manually Directory Submission
  3. Weekly and Monthly Reporting
  4. Article Submission
  5.  Press Release Distributions (1 Press Release      submit in 10 Sites)
  6. Blog postings (Using pre-written articles)
  7. Competitive Analysis
  8. Social Bookmarking Submission
  9. Article Writing
  10. Press Release
  11. Keywords Mapping
  12. New Content Suggestions
    12. Keywords Research
    13. Competitor Analysis
    14. Title Tags Changes Suggestions
    15. Meta Tags Changes Suggestions
    16. Alt Tag Changes Suggestions
    17. HTML Site Map
    18. XML Site Map Setup
    19. Anchor text optimization
    20. Google webmaster setup
    21. Google analytics setup

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