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SEO For The Small Business Owner

SEO is a marketing strategy commonly used within the avenues of online marketing and it seeks to improve both the quality and quantity of traffic on any website. SEO has become a household name with many people talking about it and for this reason it has been viewed as something that is relatively simple. Even though many businesses grasp the basics of this technique, there are still far too many mistakes business owners make in the name of SEO. Experience in SEO is therefore mandatory for any small business that wants to be ahead of the competition.

Search engines are constantly evolving and this is making it hard for less skilled business people to keep up with the changes. For instance, Google Panda and Google Penguin are just some latest updates that have affected SEO trends. In most cases, these updates are known to affect any sites ranking and this is why it is important to ensure your website is optimized according to Google requirements.

Google Panda: Google accounts for over 80 percent of the internet search market and with introduction of Google panda, many websites have been affected. This program basically reduces the ranking of low quality sites. In a time when article marketing is being perceived as the corner stone of SEO campaigns, Google panda comes as a new challenge to internet marketers worldwide. Google Panda has affected a number of small businesses and this is mainly in areas of content quality, spellings and grammar, and website uniqueness. Keeping your small business site ranked high on Google means that you have to understand how Google Panda operates to avoid being ranked as a spam site by Google. Panda is constantly updated and this means that your site has to meet the acceptable standards for it to be ranked in Google search engine.


Google Penguin: – Google’s latest developments have forced a change of guard in how small businesses carry out their web optimization process. Google Penguin algorithm targets web spam and if it detects any of these in your website, be ready for decreased ranking. Websites should not violate Google’s quality guidelines and the harsh truth is that most small business owners are ill informed on these kinds of Google updates and may make misinformed judgment on performance of their website. In order for your site to remain relevant and gain better ranking in the wake of this new Google Update, you need to avoid things such as keyword stuffing, link schemes, duplicating contents and cloaking pages.

Google Panda and Penguin are here to stay and small business owners should not worry. The future of SEO is not threatened by these latest developments and as the use of internet in doing businesses increases, web marketers are gaining the right skills and know how in dealing with such developments. As a matter of fact, there is no cause for alarm and a small business owner should let professional web marketers handle this part of web marketing on their behalf.