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Advertising in social networks is effective for brands

About 40% of respondents felt that this type of advertising is effective, but as a presence for brands

Much has been discussed on the effectiveness of the advertising business in social networking sites, but it is clear that after the fall of the advertising in the media and traditional media, the trend and confidence in online advertising continues to grow and proliferate mainly through these networks.

Social Networking

Some of these social networks like Facebook each day increases the number of members and participants making it one of the largest digital media projection forecasts that according to Mark Andreessen, one of the principals of the social network could generate around $ 500 million over the next 5 years. This figure could even reach 1,000 million dollars annually if the effort to sell advertising to be much higher as Andreessen himself.


However, although these forecasts are manifested in a particularly optimistic, the reality of its effectiveness may not exactly match the growth experienced or expected and opinions about it may be distant from these hypothetical predictions.


Is it really effective advertising on social networks?


According to a survey developed by the digital newspaper, the 27.94% of respondents believe that advertising is really effective.


But advertising social networks thoughts about enhancing factor “branding” as the vast majority of respondents (39.71%) believes that this type of advertising is effective, but as a brand presence.

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