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Web Development and Its Stages

Web development – the process of creating a website or web application . The term includes web design , programming for the Web on the client and server, and configuring the Web server .

Web Development

The main stages of web development

  1.     Designing a site or web application (data collection and analysis requirements, developing   technical specifications, user interface design)
  2.     Develop creative concept site
  3.     Create a design concept site
  4.     Laying out pages
  5.     Creating multimedia and FLASH -elements
  6.     Layout templates and pages
  7.     Programming (development of functional tools) or to the implementation of CMS-system
  8.     Optimization and placement of the site
  9.     Testing and making adjustments
  10.     Opening a project on a public site
  11.     Service operating site or its policy framework

Depending on the task at any stage may be absent or be closely related to each other.

Main occupation

  1.     Information Architect
  2.     Web designer
  3.     Webmaster
  4.     Coder of web pages
  5.     Programmer
  6.     Usability Engineer
  7.     Search Optimizer
  8.     Copywriter (writer)
  9.     The tester

Often, web professionals combine several specialties.