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Myths of Mobile Web

Is the mobile web not the same as the Web on a desktop computer? Mobile Web uses the same basic architecture and many of the same technology, although screen sizes of mobile devices and capabilities of the processor is much less. But in fact there are many unexplored trails even for experienced Web developers.

Mobile webOnce the Web “moved” to mobile devices, web developers immediately began to tell each other a bunch of stories about what the mobile web and how it will affect their work. Although some of these stories are true, the majority still only confusing, misleading and just hurt.

This is not the mobile web! It’s just the Web!

Over the past few years I have often heard this expression and I can say that it’s true. Mobile Web – it’s the same Web. We can apply this to our own use of the Internet, you probably don’t have a separate email address just for your mobile phone.

I am sure sure man of us used our mobile phones to catch the news about the last game of the NBA.  We use our mobile phones for our favorite source of news. Many of us have adapted to our smart phones as well for our social network needs (Facebook,  Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube). We have probably created our list of friends on the computer, and probably do not want to repeat it again on your mobile phone.

In all these situations, the mobile network uses the same protocols HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, Wireless LAN, and even TCP / IP – the same as in the Internet. Ok, you can say that the GSM, CDMA, and UMTS networks are not used as dekstopnoy protocols in web environment, but the fact is that they are communication protocols, operating at a lower level. In terms of web applications, using the same protocols.

So this is the same Internet. However, when designing for mobile web, we are working with a large number of completely different devices. And our first and most noticeable difference – the size of the device’s screen. At the same time there are many other differences are not such obvious.

Web Development and Its Stages

Web development – the process of creating a website or web application . The term includes web design , programming for the Web on the client and server, and configuring the Web server .

Web Development

The main stages of web development

  1.     Designing a site or web application (data collection and analysis requirements, developing   technical specifications, user interface design)
  2.     Develop creative concept site
  3.     Create a design concept site
  4.     Laying out pages
  5.     Creating multimedia and FLASH -elements
  6.     Layout templates and pages
  7.     Programming (development of functional tools) or to the implementation of CMS-system
  8.     Optimization and placement of the site
  9.     Testing and making adjustments
  10.     Opening a project on a public site
  11.     Service operating site or its policy framework

Depending on the task at any stage may be absent or be closely related to each other.

Main occupation

  1.     Information Architect
  2.     Web designer
  3.     Webmaster
  4.     Coder of web pages
  5.     Programmer
  6.     Usability Engineer
  7.     Search Optimizer
  8.     Copywriter (writer)
  9.     The tester

Often, web professionals combine several specialties.

Web Design, Development and Web SEO

Web Design and Development

The development site is one of the priorities of any web studio. Having your own representation in the Internet, created by professional web design studio – this is not a fad, it is a requirement for successful business development.

Before you choose a design studio, which you entrust the creation of the site, look closer to its portfolio. Discover possible future site content management. Lock your preference – from a portfolio of web sites studio, web design that you like. Trust in the creation of websites design studio, work with which you are comfortable – in fact you are choosing a future partner.

Website DesignerWeb design in our understanding – is the logic of information on the screen. Create a site aims to easily and effectively present the visitor services and products company, and beautiful design, it is generally understood by the web site design, comes after the information.

Development of corporate identity

When a company uses to design its products, documentation, transportation, facilities are the same color combinations, similar to visual images, common font solutions – it leaves an impression for a long time and this is the main The advantage that can give us a nice memorable corporate identity .

By its image should be approached very critically and to order such service as logo design and corporate identity design studio only having this great experience and rich portfolio.

Promotion and contextual advertising

Search engine optimization ( website promotion and SEO) – one of the ways to attract visitors. Its essence is that for a particular user’s query to the search engine will be available from a link, clicking on which the user will be another potential client companies.

Contextual advertising – another way to attract potential customers to the site. No additional interest from our customer is not charged, and the knowledge of query language, experience in drafting advertisements and constant monitoring of the campaign can reduce your monthly expenses, sometimes several times.