The Impact of Facebook on Business

Social networking is one of the most popular online activities that are carried out today. There are currently many social networking websites that are working and people are just addicted to this craze of social networking. The main concept behind the introduction of social media was to provide a platform to users for communicating and staying in touch via improved and convincing manners. But today in addition to serving as a connecting medium social media have emerged as vital and impressive tools for the promotion and establishment of businesses. The power of social media is very strong the best part about it is that it possesses a great access and reaches the depths of every corner of this world. Stats show that 98% of the youngsters aged 18 to 24 are users of various social networking mediums. Not only young people, but people belonging to older age groups also form the regular audience of social networking websites.

For this reason businesses enjoy the enormous potential to progress on social networking websites because of the fact that they provide excellent mediums for the advertisement and promotion of their offered services. There are many social networks that are operational today, but Facebook has no comparison. Presently, the Facebook is regarded as the king of social networking sites with 1.2 billion users registered at this site. This website was launched in the year 2004, but at that time no one knew that it is going to change the meaning of communication and will turn into a strong influential element for all the people of this world. Monthly 700 billion minutes are spent by people using Facebook with 11% of the population of this world uses Facebook. Can you imagine that what kind of influencing power is possessed by this social network? The stats mentioned above that clearly show how many people are addicted to Facebook.

Especially in the business circle Facebook is extremely popular the main reason behind it is that it makes it much more convenient for the manufacturers and the buyers to get in touch with each other. Every company irrespective of the fact that either it is large scale or small scale maintains its presence on Facebook because it provides it with several opportunities of progressing. The best privilege that is provided by Facebook to its users is that it serves as a very cheap promotional medium for different businesses that is at the same time very effective. If you open a business profile on Facebook then this directly means that you are now capable of targeting 1.2 billion people from across the globe and that too at free of any cost. You can promote your services in a more convenient and effective manner using your Facebook account. It also enables you to directly get in touch with clients that belong to any corner of this world. You will able to directly respond to the feedback that is provided and this will help you a lot in improving.


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  • It is a pretty nice and detailed information about impact of social media on business, but there are some other social mediums like linked in , and pinterest which are much more business oriented.

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