The Impact of Facebook on Business

Social networking is one of the most popular online activities done on our computers today. There are currently many social networking websites that are working and people are just addicted to this craze of social networking. The main concept behind the introduction of social media was to provide a platform to users for communicating and staying in touch via improved and convincing manners. But today in addition to serving as a connecting medium social media have emerged as vital and impressive tools for the promotion and establishment of businesses. The power of social media is very strong the best part about it is that it possesses a great access and reaches the depths of every corner of this world. Stats show that 98% of the youngsters aged 18 to 24 are users of various social networking mediums. Not only young people, but people belonging to older age groups also form the regular audience of social networking websites.

For this reason businesses enjoy the enormous potential to progress on social networking websites because of the fact that they provide excellent mediums for the advertisement and promotion of their offered services. There are many social networks that are operational today, but Facebook has no comparison. Presently, the Facebook is regarded as the king of social networking sites with 1.2 billion users registered at this site. This website was launched in the year 2004, but at that time no one knew that it is going to change the meaning of communication and will turn into a strong influential element for all the people of this world. Monthly 700 billion minutes are spent by people using Facebook with 11% of the population of this world uses Facebook. Can you imagine that what kind of influencing power is possessed by this social network? The stats mentioned above that clearly show how many people are addicted to Facebook.

Especially in the business circle Facebook is extremely popular the main reason behind it is that it makes it much more convenient for the manufacturers and the buyers to get in touch with each other. Every company irrespective of the fact that either it is large scale or small scale maintains its presence on Facebook because it provides it with several opportunities of progressing. The best privilege that is provided by Facebook to its users is that it serves as a very cheap promotional medium for different businesses that is at the same time very effective. If you open a business profile on Facebook then this directly means that you are now capable of targeting 1.2 billion people from across the globe and that too at free of any cost. You can promote your services in a more convenient and effective manner using your Facebook account. It also enables you to directly get in touch with clients that belong to any corner of this world. You will able to directly respond to the feedback that is provided and this will help you a lot in improving.

New Developments in SEO. How is it Changing Your Business? people talk about the old days of SEO, they might just be talking about a few months ago. That is how fast things change with the search engines. Google changes its search engine algorithm five or six times every year. The goal of the search engines is to make searches more efficient for users. The goal of business websites, especially the small businesses, is to get some of the web traffic generated by user searchers. Efficiency for users and generating website traffic is not always compatible.
One of the recent changes is called “semantic search”. The goal of Google, the makers of this recent update, is to add something of a human element. The new algorithm is designed to “guess” what you are actually searching for. With semantic search, Google is aiming to give users information related to their queries right on the search page. Other websites will still be listed, at least for the time being, but Google will actually be competing with other websites for website traffic.

The goal of this program is not completely clear. Why does Google want non-income generating traffic? Whatever the reason, it is something for e-businesses and other website owners to be aware of.
In the really old days of SEO, keywords were “it”. If you had the right keywords on your webpages and you used them often enough, you could be sure that your website would get high rankings.
Now, Google and other search engines penalize websites for “keyword stuffing”. Just last year, they also announced that they would penalize websites for knowingly posting duplicate content.
Link schemes were also mentioned as something the new “Penguin” algorithm would be looking for and not for good reasons. If link schemes are identified or even suspected, the website could be pushed to the last page of the search engine results.

If you want to attract traffic to your website and you also want to get decent rankings on search engine results for specific keywords, there are some things to keep in mind. The first thing is to be completely honest.

Don’t do any of the things I’ve mentioned that Google doesn’t like. Avoid excessive keyword usage. Keep your content real and unique. Never publish content you have copied from another website.
Take advantage of other Internet marketing tools. Don’t rely too heavily on the search engines to get traffic to your site. Use social networks, email, advertising and other “honest” tools to get your traffic.
There is only one thing that we can say for sure about the future of SEO. It will change. If you avoid using tricks to get your website traffic, the changes should have little effect on your business.

Was your site hurt by Penguin or Panda?

For those of us who have suffered from April’s Penguin update we have below from Blog Guru some steps you can take to correct the situation. There are also rumors that Google will be coming out with another update in the spring. Penguin was implemented on April 24, 2012 and affected approximately 3.1% of all search queries in English. Panda by comparison affected about 12% of search queries. The Panda mainly focus on content but Penguin focus on backlinks.

Every updates from big giant Google is targeting over optimized websites. Penguin does the same and the update mainly targets the websites who does un-natural link building or spam link building. Many black hat cats have been caught by Google Penguin. The websites which uses black hat SEO tools are mainly suffered from the Google Penguin update.
Beware of Google Penguin Update
You can analyze your live links from Google Webmaster tools or any other tools. If you saw a sudden drop in live links then your website may be at risk. The sudden drop occurs because Google have started de-indexing the website which contains your backlinks.

If you have many backlinks from such websites then your blog or website is in risk of Google Penguin update. Also if your website experienced a sudden increase of backlinks then Google will think that your website is making unnatural backlinks and will be affected by the Google Penguin update.

What to do if you were affected by the update
To recover from Google Penguin update you need to analyze the websites which suffered from Penguins. Then we have to build new link building strategy which will not come under the black list of Penguins. I will give step by step procedure to recover from Google Penguin update or will give steps to protect your websites from Google Penguins. Penguin targets the unnatural backlinks which is a backlink produced by black hat techniques with the help of black hat software. So you have to make your link natural as possible. Don’t bump a large amount of backlinks in one day. This can make Google alert that your website is crating unnatural links and will be caught by Penguin. Also take quality websites while creating backlinks and don’t make backlinks from websites having page rank less than one.
Use backlinks from relative websites
The more relative your website backlinks are then the more weight Google gives them and Penguin will actually add value to your website. This is because the backlinks from niche websites will look more natural compared to backlinks from unrelated websites. For example if your blog is about French cooking and you are getting backlinks from a blog which concentrates on refinancing it’s considered an unnatural link and it would be penalized by Google. Google will treat this as unnatural backlink and your website will be affected by Penguin.

What is a press release?

A press release really is simply a communication directed at members of the media industry to announce something that is newsworthy.

A press release written well can be invaluable tool go increase traffic to your website.  This can be anything from promoting a new product, signing on a new client or a new national promotion.  There are some very specific differences between a press release and an article and we should not confuse either or even worse use one for both.  An article normally goes in depth and educated the reader on a particular subject.  The content will also be timeless vs. a news release informing your audience that you just opened a new office.

One of the major advantages of writing press releases is that they are distribute and published very differently than articles.  Press releases will receive by far more exposure they are also exposed to news syndication websites and news blogs.  Google news is one of the most powerful outlets as  you earn “votes” for popularity.

Advertising in social networks is effective for brands

About 40% of respondents felt that this type of advertising is effective, but as a presence for brands

Much has been discussed on the effectiveness of the advertising business in social networking sites, but it is clear that after the fall of the advertising in the media and traditional media, the trend and confidence in online advertising continues to grow and proliferate mainly through these networks.

Social Networking

Some of these social networks like Facebook each day increases the number of members and participants making it one of the largest digital media projection forecasts that according to Mark Andreessen, one of the principals of the social network could generate around $ 500 million over the next 5 years. This figure could even reach 1,000 million dollars annually if the effort to sell advertising to be much higher as Andreessen himself.


However, although these forecasts are manifested in a particularly optimistic, the reality of its effectiveness may not exactly match the growth experienced or expected and opinions about it may be distant from these hypothetical predictions.


Is it really effective advertising on social networks?


According to a survey developed by the digital newspaper, the 27.94% of respondents believe that advertising is really effective.


But advertising social networks thoughts about enhancing factor “branding” as the vast majority of respondents (39.71%) believes that this type of advertising is effective, but as a brand presence.

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Myths of Mobile Web

Is the mobile web not the same as the Web on a desktop computer? Mobile Web uses the same basic architecture and many of the same technology, although screen sizes of mobile devices and capabilities of the processor is much less. But in fact there are many unexplored trails even for experienced Web developers.

Mobile webOnce the Web “moved” to mobile devices, web developers immediately began to tell each other a bunch of stories about what the mobile web and how it will affect their work. Although some of these stories are true, the majority still only confusing, misleading and just hurt.

This is not the mobile web! It’s just the Web!

Over the past few years I have often heard this expression and I can say that it’s true. Mobile Web – it’s the same Web. We can apply this to our own use of the Internet, you probably don’t have a separate email address just for your mobile phone.

I am sure sure man of us used our mobile phones to catch the news about the last game of the NBA.  We use our mobile phones for our favorite source of news. Many of us have adapted to our smart phones as well for our social network needs (Facebook,  Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube). We have probably created our list of friends on the computer, and probably do not want to repeat it again on your mobile phone.

In all these situations, the mobile network uses the same protocols HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, Wireless LAN, and even TCP / IP – the same as in the Internet. Ok, you can say that the GSM, CDMA, and UMTS networks are not used as dekstopnoy protocols in web environment, but the fact is that they are communication protocols, operating at a lower level. In terms of web applications, using the same protocols.

So this is the same Internet. However, when designing for mobile web, we are working with a large number of completely different devices. And our first and most noticeable difference – the size of the device’s screen. At the same time there are many other differences are not such obvious.

What is Internet marketing?

Online Marketing or Internet Marketing is a highly effective way to target and optimize visitor traffic and at the same time keep control over your advertising costs.  The central goal of any Internet marketing campaign includes a particular action; a sale, phone to ring, download of a whitepaper etc.

web marketing web marketing

Consider for a moment just what your website is and what it does.  For many of us your website is our receptionist, our salesperson, the warehouse manager, the billing coordinator all wrapped up into one.  Consider a person that makes a purchase on your site.  Let’s look at what just occurred.  A person was informed of your site through either a marketing piece you provided to them or through an online advertisement or perhaps through a search.  Point being they are now on your website.  Congratulations you have convinced them you site IS worth visiting.  Now how do you keep them there and more importantly how do you get them to buy something?  Before your first visitor ever comes to your site you need to have developed a strategy that addresses this and it should ask a few very important questions:

Who is my online customer?

What do I expect them to do (purchase or complete an inquiry)

How do I measure success online?

What is my effective cost per sale online?

How can I monitor and track results

Depending on your product or service your online customer may be very different than your brick and mortar customer expecting detailed information on the product or the ability to build their product much like dell does with their computers.  Never assume online and offline customers are the same some depending on your product expect a very different experience.

If you have a relatively low cost item most times customers will purchase directly thru your website.  The higher in price and/or complexity your product or service gets the less likely the entire purchase will result on line.  At this point you need to ask yourself the best way to get these potential customers currently on your site to convert.  Let’s say for the moment that you are selling golf shirts on your website and they are priced at $49.50 each.  Assuming you provided enough information about; the quality of the shirt, the sizes and colors it comes, and give the customer an easy way to give their credit card; people will purchase from your site.  Now on the other hand let’s say you are selling central air conditioning systems for the home that on average cost $25,000.00 Most if not all would not purchase online. What your information needs to do is sell why the product is superior to any other out there.  Videos of the installation, customer testimonials, download whitepapers/brochures and coupons all are items that will get the customer to reach out to you.  You should have an inquiry form on your site where that information is immediately sent to a sales rep to contact the prospect.

So you have had your site up for 6 months now and have made numerous changes to your site to improve the user experience. How do you know the changes are paying off?  How do you know your visitors are happy with what they see? A simple tool called Google Analytics will help out in this area.  It will provide detailed on the demographics, where your customers are coming from.  What customer are new vs. returning visitors and what they are doing on your site once they get there and how long they are on each page.  A huge drop in one page could be telling you the page is of no interest or too confusing to the customer and needs to be redesigned or taken down.  You will also know how many people are reaching your site through a computer, ipad and mobile giving you some ammunition for building a mobile website.  You can track your traffic sources from your affiliates to organic seo to even your back link partners.  Once you have mastered the basics you can add tracking to your thank you or your success page so you can track sales and even put monetary values on the items so you can see real time how much you are making through each of your traffic sources.

Web Development and Its Stages

Web development – the process of creating a website or web application . The term includes web design , programming for the Web on the client and server, and configuring the Web server .

Web Development

The main stages of web development

  1.     Designing a site or web application (data collection and analysis requirements, developing   technical specifications, user interface design)
  2.     Develop creative concept site
  3.     Create a design concept site
  4.     Laying out pages
  5.     Creating multimedia and FLASH -elements
  6.     Layout templates and pages
  7.     Programming (development of functional tools) or to the implementation of CMS-system
  8.     Optimization and placement of the site
  9.     Testing and making adjustments
  10.     Opening a project on a public site
  11.     Service operating site or its policy framework

Depending on the task at any stage may be absent or be closely related to each other.

Main occupation

  1.     Information Architect
  2.     Web designer
  3.     Webmaster
  4.     Coder of web pages
  5.     Programmer
  6.     Usability Engineer
  7.     Search Optimizer
  8.     Copywriter (writer)
  9.     The tester

Often, web professionals combine several specialties.

Internet marketing. Types of Internet Marketing

In recent times we have all heard the phrase “internet marketing“ at one time or another. Why is Internet marketing so important and what does it include. Back in the early 90’s internet marketing was very limited to the two first pay per click search engines Go to and Find what as well as the advent of banner ads. Over the years we have seen a numerous forms of internet marketing surface from e-mail and RSS to video and mobile platform advertising.

Web Marketing

Through all the changes that have occurred the methods of pricing have remained the same or very close with small variations. Originally advertisers were charged on a pay per click, or a cost per thousand impressions. As the banner space became saturated a new model appeared called CPA or pay-per-action. This model insured the greatest control and accountability for the advertisers dollars since they could match sales directly against the individual payouts for each action that customer took. This could be either a sale or request for more information to even a phone call which some affiliates can track.

Affiliate marketing is when you as the advertiser reach out to the literally hundreds of affiliate networks out there such as Commission Junction or Link Share. Here is a Top Affiliate Companies for you to review. Basically you and the affiliate network will agree on a bounty or a price for each action that takes place on your site. So if you are selling widgets and you are willing to give a commission of say $5.00 to each widget then your CPA would be $5.00. The affiliates would ask you for the necessary banner ads and text that would be used for the program and you would want to provide them a tracking URL to monitor the activity. If you don’t have tracking software, give us a call and we can provide you one for a very low monthly fee. Search engine marketing can really be broken down into to areas SEO or organic and PPC or pay per click search marketing. Organic is much more sophisticated and requires consistent monitoring of how your website is being reviewed by the search engines and then making the necessary changes to the code or content in those pages. Another item to consider is the off page efforts of your site. These relate to the number of postings to forums blogs, social media outlets as well as how much you focus on a link program.

The fastest way to start getting quality traffic to your website is by using Pay Per Click Ads. Two of the most popular PPC (Pay-Per-Click) search engines are Google Ad words, and Here is how it works: You bid on specific keywords or key-phrases to have your ad appear as the very top of the search results page when people search for that specific keyword. Take for example, when a person searches for “cars” If the person sees your ad and they click on it you are charged by your bid amount. You may bid very high to get listed at the top of the search # result, but your competitor could then bid a few cents more and move ahead of you. Bids for the top positions vary from pennies to a several dollars, but most PPC search engines have keyword suggestion tools to help you find keywords and their search results to suit your budget. You must be careful, though, to bid within your means! PPC’s are all about conversion rates. For example, if you bid $2.00 per click and get 10 clicks and one mortgage lead from those 10 clicks, this means you paid $20.00 for that lead and have a 10% conversion. Google analytics is a great tool to track your performance with your Google pay-per-click account you can get so granular that it will track what keywords were used that resulted in the sale. That intelligence may assist you developing a broader internet marketing presence and take less risk as you know the types of customers that are converting on your offer.

Web Design, Development and Web SEO

Web Design and Development

The development site is one of the priorities of any web studio. Having your own representation in the Internet, created by professional web design studio – this is not a fad, it is a requirement for successful business development.

Before you choose a design studio, which you entrust the creation of the site, look closer to its portfolio. Discover possible future site content management. Lock your preference – from a portfolio of web sites studio, web design that you like. Trust in the creation of websites design studio, work with which you are comfortable – in fact you are choosing a future partner.

Website DesignerWeb design in our understanding – is the logic of information on the screen. Create a site aims to easily and effectively present the visitor services and products company, and beautiful design, it is generally understood by the web site design, comes after the information.

Development of corporate identity

When a company uses to design its products, documentation, transportation, facilities are the same color combinations, similar to visual images, common font solutions – it leaves an impression for a long time and this is the main The advantage that can give us a nice memorable corporate identity .

By its image should be approached very critically and to order such service as logo design and corporate identity design studio only having this great experience and rich portfolio.

Promotion and contextual advertising

Search engine optimization ( website promotion and SEO) – one of the ways to attract visitors. Its essence is that for a particular user’s query to the search engine will be available from a link, clicking on which the user will be another potential client companies.

Contextual advertising – another way to attract potential customers to the site. No additional interest from our customer is not charged, and the knowledge of query language, experience in drafting advertisements and constant monitoring of the campaign can reduce your monthly expenses, sometimes several times.