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Creating a website today is much easier than it was years ago, but there are also many other features in website design that have developed with the advent of social media. In fact, for some small businesses, we no longer need to rely, long-term on people with web design or programming skills to build websites thanks to programs like WordPress and Drupal. Depending on your overall goals for your website, you may be able to modify and add pages to your website after some initial training. There are tools and resources that are freely available to anyone interested in building a quick website without having any programming knowledge at all. Nevertheless, it is worth considering based on the scale and future direction of your website that using a professional web designer WILL save you time and can ultimately save you money. At CTwebMarketing, we take the time to understand our client’s goals and message and can translate those into effective website pages and sales.

Establishing a clear purpose for your website and having pre-defined goals are essential. Once we have a workable template, we then integrate tools, such as reporting tools, tracking analytics and popular social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) into the website. Changes to the website will inevitably be needed, so from time to time our clients will reach out to us again for additional work such as introducing a theme at different times of the year, adding a new marketing feature that increases the website’s value, or simply eliminate information that is no longer relevant or is no longer in sync with the website’s goals.


Together with the clients’ we identify what they want to get out of their websites, their offline and online marketing initiatives, their current position and where they wish to be in the near future


Now that we've got the details, we develop a plan which identifies how to incorporate the many facets of online marketing into your business operations. This includes but not limited to

  1. Analytic tracking
  2. PPC integration
  3. Shopping cart and credit card processing implementation
  4. Real-time sales reporting
  5. Connectivity to any 3rd party software our client uses in its operations


We work on a template which best matches the look and feel of your business, your product offering as well as the point of sales components on the website.


Once our client has reviewed the mockups and has signed off on the staging site we then move from a development server and push the site live.

Phase 1 (1 week)

Fact Gathering

  • Purpose
  • Target audience
  • Competition
  • Site map creation
    • Identifying menu and sub menu categories

Phase 2 (1-2 Weeks)


  • Develop a visual mockup (Mockup)
  • Identify photo requirements
  • Content (internal or contracted)

Development (2-3 Weeks)

  • Template building
  • Testing
  • Client training
  • Hosting
  • 3rd party software requirement
  • Credit card integration
  • Back end reporting requirement

Launch (1 Week)

  • Push from production to live
  • Cross browser testing
  • Performance
  • User experience
  • Speed testing
Image Description

Short, iterative development cycles, combined with your ongoing feedback, keep our expert PHP developers focused on success. We test as we build, using best practices to make sure your website is sustainable for the long term. You can expect:

  • Technical architecture review
  • Content strategy and management
  • Functional specifications
  • 3rd party integrations (such as for a API or CRM)
  • Content migration
  • Blog-Social Media Integration & management
  • WordPress development
  • QC
  • On-site Audits








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CTwebMarketring is a company assisting small to medium size business effectively establish and maintain a presence online. We understand with limited resources it is a challenge to accomplish what is needed to compete on line. Locally based; we consider ourselves not just a vendor but an extension of your business.

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